Montego Bay Airport Arrivals (MBJ)

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Flight Arrivals at Montego Bay Airport

The Arrivals process starts before your plane lands at Sangster International Airport. Make sure to fill up your Immigration Form while in flight. Attendants usually distribute the forms a few minutes before the plane lands.

Passengers disembarking from the plane will have to go through Immigrations.

Present your Immigration Form, Customs Declaration Form, and Valid Passport to the Immigration Officers. If you are a non-resident, present your return tickets as well.

Claim your luggage from the carousels in the Baggage Claim Hall. Use the free luggage carts to manage multiple bags.

If you can’t find your baggage, you can approach the Baggage Handlers, inquire from the Information Desk in the Arrivals Immigration area, or call the Security Center at +1 876-684-1739.

The next step is going through Customs.

There are three types of lines, namely, Nothing to declare, Passengers with items to declare, and Special passengers, which includes wheelchair passengers and unaccompanied minors.

Tourists usually line up for the “Nothing to Declare” category. This type of line may be longer than the others but it moves faster.

Lines for “Passengers with Items to Declare” are shorter but move slower. Make sure you have the invoice of the item you want to declare and that it is listed in your Customs Declaration Form.

If you are traveling with your immediate family, only one form is required for the whole group. Those traveling alone and are above 18 are required to fill up their form.

Payment of Duties for some items may be paid in cash, credit card, debit card, or certified cheques.

Wi-Fi at Sangster International Airport

Free wireless internet by Digicel network is only available at the Mezzanine Floor Wi-Fi-enabled locations.

Transfer Services at Sangster International Airport

The Ground Transportation and Arrivals Hall is located on the Ground floor when you exit the Customs. Drivers or transfer representatives will monitor and wait for your flight's arrival.

Booking your transfer and tour packages ahead of time is advisable to secure your travel itinerary, accommodations, and other transportation components.

Rental Car Services at Sangster International Airport

Booths assigned to different Rental Car Services are found right inside the Ground Transportation and Arrivals Hall when you exit the Customs area.

Upon locating the booth of your chosen rental company, present your passport, voucher, valid driving license, and credit card at the rental counter.

Make sure you have loaded all your baggage in the vehicle properly. If you are having a difficult time managing your bags, Red Cap porters can help you for $1 per bag.

It is recommended that reservations be done ahead of time to avoid any delays or inconvenience in your trip. See and compare all rental car companies at Sangster International Airport.

Choose a vehicle that has the capacity to carry the baggage you have and the number of people in your group. The rental cost will depend on these factors.

Confirm with the company if they need an extra valid id, or if there are only certain credit cards that they accept before your trip.

Ride Shares at Sangster International Airport

When you get to the Arrivals Hall at Sangster International Airport, the next step is for you to board your chosen mode of transportation.

Rideshare is an option considered by many passengers for the convenience of being able to hail a vehicle, even if you are still inside the Arrivals Hall.

When your vehicle arrives to pick you up, get to the curb outside the Arrivals Hall, and confirm the details of your transportation with the driver.

Make sure you have loaded all your bags into the vehicle.

Keep in mind that there might be an increase in demand when booking a ride, resulting in higher fare rates.

It is recommended to book a vehicle in advance and schedule it to a convenient time to avoid peak hours rates.

Before traveling to Jamaica, confirm which rideshare companies are currently operating so that you can install the right app on your smartphone.

Taxis at Sangster International Airport

Passengers can choose to take ordinary, route, or chartered taxis when leaving MBJ.

Taxi stands for both ordinary taxi cabs and route taxis can be found outside the Arrivals Hall.

On the other hand, chartered taxis can be booked from the Authorized Airport Taxi desk.

Fare for a one-way ride from the airport to your destination, an ordinary taxi cab may charge up to $10. It is recommended to confirm the terms of the taxi ride before getting in the cab.

Route Taxis charge only $1 per ride, however, the routes are short and fixed. You can confirm the route with the driver or on the painted label on the side of the vehicle.

Chartered Taxi or Tours Taxi fare depends on the destination or the availed package. Confirm the actual fare with the Authorized Airport Taxi representative when booking. See more information about taxis at Sangster International Airport.

Before getting in the taxi, confirm the fare rate to your chosen destination with the driver.

Ferries at Sangster International Airport

Passengers arriving at MBJ can take a taxi cab or car rental to reach the nearest port in Doctor’s Cave Beach. It is 3 kilometers away and will take 4 minutes if the roads are clear. More information about ferry services to and from various ports in and around Montego Bay in Jamaica.

The taxi fare can vary from $7 to $9 when going to Doctor’s Cave Beach from the airport.

Buses at Sangster International Airport

The bus is another alternative public transportation that you can take after landing at Sangster International Airport. Three types of buses with their respective routes serve MBJ.

Municipal buses and Knutsford Express buses have fixed routes. More information about buses to and from Sangster International Airport.

Municipal buses charge $1 per ride, while Knutsford Express charges $12 to $19.

Minibus fare rates depend on the destination. You can reach any destination on the island when you take a minibus. It will cost $9 to go to a destination within Montego Bay.

Municipal buses and mini-buses can get crowded during peak hours. Be sure to secure your belongings. Mini-buses will wait until the seats are filled before getting on the road.

Knutsford Express is spacious enough to accommodate multiple bags per passenger.

Hotel Shuttle Services at Sangster International Airport

Jamaica is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. As a result, there are many competitive hotels that tourists can choose from.

When deciding to book a hotel, remember to take into consideration their hotel shuttle service. Some hotels charge for shuttle services to and from the airport, while some do not.

Hotel Shuttles park in the coaches’ area outside the Arrivals Hall. Confirm with your hotel the exact parking slot of the shuttle.

Make sure you have loaded all your luggage in the shuttle before boarding the vehicle and leaving the airport.

Parking at Sangster International Airport

The airport parking area has a capacity of over 750 vehicles.

The hourly fee is $1 per hour for the first three hours or a portion thereof.

If you park for 4 to 24 hours, you will be charged $4.

Another $4 will be charged for the next 24 hours or a portion thereof.

The parking lot is located just outside the terminal. It can be used by MBJ passengers, staff, car rentals, and buses. Vehicles in the parking slot are zoned according to the vehicle owner.

Passenger vehicles are not allowed to park in the staff zone. Please confirm your parking slot location with the assigned customer representative.

If your acquaintances are picking you up from the airport, they can park briefly at the curb of the arrivals, given that you are already on the curb. See more information about short and long term parking at Sangster International Airport.

However, if they still have to wait for you to finish your arrivals process and come out of the Arrivals Hall, it is recommended to park their vehicle in the parking area.

Other Services at Sangster International Airport

Wi-Fi at Sangster International Airport

Free WiFi by “Digicel” is available at the airport. Passengers may connect to the network through their compatible devices.

ATMs at Sangster International Airport

When you arrive at MJB, you will be able to access one of two ATMs operated by NCB or National Commercial Bank. It is located in the Arrivals Hall.

The other ATM is in the Departures Area.

Currency Exchange at Sangster International Airport

There are four Currency Exchange offices in the airport, two of which can be accessed by arriving passengers.

An ATM unit is located in the Arrivals Hall, near the Information Desk. The other unit is in the Arrivals Immigration, near the Duty-Free shop and Baggage Claim Hall.

The other two offices can be accessed by passengers in the Departures Area near the Passport and Security Center and on the Mezzanine Floor between two souvenir shops near Gates 8 and 9.

The offices transact various currencies and traveler’s cheques.

Nursing Stations at Sangster International Airport

Nursing mothers can use the Nursing Stations in the terminal.

One is in the Departures Hall on the Ground Floor and the other is in the Ticketing Concourse on the Mezzanine floor.

TSA regulations on breastmilk, juices, and other liquids should be strictly observed.

Restrooms at Sangster International Airport

Passengers in the Arrivals Hall can find washrooms near the cocktail bar.

Other washrooms are located on each end of the International Check-in Counters lane in the Departures Area and near Gates 1, 2, 6, 7, 8, 13, and 14 on the Mezzanine Floor.

Food and Beverages at Sangster International Airport

The Arrivals Hall has one concession stand which is a cocktail bar. Passengers arriving at MBJ can have a quick bite or drink before they head out to their chosen mode of transportation.

The Departures Area has several food stalls. Other foods and beverages shops are located on the Mezzanine Floor.

Shopping at Sangster International Airport

Duty-free shopping for arriving passengers can be found near the Arrivals Immigration in the Baggage Claim Hall.

Items available include jewelry, alcohol, fragrances, sunglasses, and chocolates.

Other Duty-Free and Specialty Retail shops are located on the Mezzanine Floor.

Smoking at Sangster International Airport

The airport has a smoking lounge on the Mezzanine Floor.

Arriving passengers are advised to confirm with Customer Service Representatives for current designated smoking areas.

Lost and Found Section at Sangster International Airport

Travelers are encouraged to report any lost or found item to the Security Center in the Arrivals Public Area. Assigned Customer Service Representatives can be contacted by phone at +1 876-684-1739.

Make sure to give a substantial description of the missing items, and leave your identification and contact numbers.

Information Desk at Sangster International Airport

Travelers are encouraged to approach Customer Service Representatives in the Information Desks for assistance or inquiries.

Arriving passengers can access the Main Information Desk located in the Grand Transportation and Arrivals Hall. Customer Service Representatives can also be reached at +1 876-952-2712, extension 2829.

Other Information Desks are located on the Ground Floor in the Departures Lounge, and on the Mezzanine Floor in the Departure Ticketing Concourse.

Pet Relief at Sangster International Airport

There are no pet relief areas at MBJ. Pets are not allowed on the airport premises. Information Desks can be contacted for more information.

Baggage Claim at Sangster International Airport

Arriving passengers should retrieve their checked-in luggage in the Baggage Claim Hall located on the Ground Floor, exiting the Arrivals Immigration.

Passengers can check the Baggage Display Monitor in retrieving their luggage from the carousels. Passengers may use the free luggage carts to better manage multiple bags.

If your baggage or other personal effects are missing, you can seek assistance from Baggage Handlers in the Baggage Claim Hall or the Information Desk in the Arrivals Immigration Area.

Alternatively, you may choose to contact the Lost and Found Customer Service in the Security Center at +1 876-684-1739.

Planning ahead and implementing strategies such as using easily identifiable luggage and tags will help avoid missing and switched luggage

If you wish to make purchases before leaving the Baggage Claim Hall, there are Duty-free shops and a currency exchange booth near the Immigrations Arrival area.

When you reach the Arrivals Hall, Red Cap Porter Services are available for a minimum fee of $1.00. They will assist in moving your bags from the hall to the curbside where your chosen transportation is located.

Lounges at Sangster International Airport

Passengers who booked in advance will be able to access their respective hotel lounges. Each hotel lounge has its own shuttle that can take you to the hotel.

There are currently a few hotel lounges in the Ground Transportation and Arrivals Hall that can be booked before your flight.

Please contact the Customer Service Representatives at +1 876-952-2712, extension 2829 for more information.

Disabled Passengers at Sangster International Airport

MBJ is designed to be “Barrier Free” to meet the needs of passengers with disabilities, from wide hallways to wheelchair-accessible washrooms, as well as to comply with accessibility laws and regulations.

In addition, wheelchair assistance can be requested from the airline counters with which you have booked your flight.

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