Montego Bay Airport Departures (MBJ)

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Flight Departures at Montego Bay Airport

The Departures Area is located on the Ground Floor of Sangster International Airport. This is where you check in before you board your plane. It has its own entry, separate from the rest of the terminal.

Before entering the terminal, make sure that you have secured your luggage, carry-ons, and more importantly, your passport, boarding pass, and Visa validation if applicable.

When you enter the Departures Area of MBJ, you will find Domestic Check-in counters on the left side and the International Check-in counters facing the entrance.

Check in for your flight by presenting the necessary documents and your check-in baggage at the counter of your airline.

Other passenger services found in the Departures Area include Baggage Wrap, Currency Exchange, Information Desk, Passport / Security Center, some concession stands, washrooms, and elevators that lead to the Mezzanine Floor.

Depending on the airline and the season, passengers are recommended to check in much earlier than the time of the flight. Some airlines suggest that their passengers check in 90 minutes before the time of flight, while some recommend two to three hours earlier.

Make sure to account for the time of travel from your hotels to the airport.

Parking at Sangster International Airport

The airport offers parking for over 750 vehicles, serving passengers, airport staff, and car rentals.

The hourly fee for the first three hours or a fraction thereof is $1.

If you exceed the first three hours you will be charged $4. You can leave your car parked in the airport parking lot for a maximum of 24 hours before being charged further.

Another $4 will be charged for the succeeding 24 hours or a portion thereof. See more information about short and long term parking at Sangster International Airport.

If your acquaintances are dropping you off, they may park their car briefly at the drop-off area. However, if it will take longer to unload your bags, it is advisable to park in the parking lot instead.

Transfer Services at Sangster International Airport

Some transfer and tour operators on the island offer packages that end in taking the passenger to MBJ. For most this could mean that they are transferring from another airport to Sangster.

Transfer and Tour operators will drop you off right outside the Departures Area. Make sure that all your fees are settled and that all your baggage has been loaded into a cart before dismissing your driver.

The fare depends on the package availed and the distance traveled. Contact your chosen tours and transfers operator for more information.

Red Cap Porter Services are available to help you move your belongings from the curbside to the check-in counters. The fee is a minimum of $1 per bag.

Rental Car Services at Sangster International Airport

Another way of getting to MBJ is by rental car. However, returning a rental car means you'll have to turn over the keys to the rental car representative.

Remember that the car rental booths are all in the Ground Transportation and Arrivals Hall.

Make sure that your documents are complete and that you have completely taken your belongings from the vehicle. See and compare all rental car companies at Sangster International Airport.

When you have completed the process, you may now exit the Arrivals Hall and head over to the Departures Area. You may use the carts available to manage your luggage or you may seek the assistance of airport Red Cap porters.

Ride Shares at Sangster International Airport

With the current advances in technology, Rideshares can be accessed from any part of the island, as long as the passengers have mobile devices with internet connectivity.

Please confirm the updated rideshare companies operating in Jamaica in advance.

Passengers that use rideshare apps will be taken to the Departures Drop-off area where porters are waiting to assist you for $1 per bag.

Rideshare fare depends on the distance from the point of origin to the airport. Other factors that may affect the cost of the ride are the traffic situation along the route and the demand during peak hours.

It is recommended to book ahead of time to arrive promptly at the airport.

Taxis at Sangster International Airport

Taxis are available throughout the island.

Ordinary taxi cabs or Red-Plates will take you from your point of origin, directly to the MBJ Departures Area Drop-off. It does not have any other stopping point.

The fare per ride is regulated by the government at a maximum of $10.

Route Taxis are more affordable at $1, however, this type of taxi has a fixed short distance route. If you have little baggage, a Route Taxi is the economical choice.

Route Taxis will drop you off at the Ground Transportation Hall since they have to queue in the taxi stands. See more information about taxis at Sangster International Airport.

There are free luggage carts available in this area that you can use on your way to the Departures Area.

Chartered Taxis or Tours Taxis may have other stops that are included in your package. They will take you to the Departures Area Drop-off. The fare depends on the package you have availed.

Always confirm the taxi fare with the driver before riding any cab to the airport.

Ferries at Sangster International Airport

The nearest port is located in Doctor’s Cave Beach, which is 3 kilometers or 4 minutes away via car or taxi cab.

If you took a rental car, you will be dropped off at the Arrivals Hall where you will complete the processes of renting the car before heading over to the Departures Area.

If you take a cab to the airport, you will be taken to the Departures Drop-off area.

The route from the cruise port is via Gloucester Ave, turning right at Sunset Blvd, then exiting the rotunda to MBJ. Further details about ferries and ferry services to and from various ports in and around Montego Bay in Jamaica.

Taxi fare varies from $7 to $9. Rental car fare depends on the arrangements made with the rental company.

Buses at Sangster International Airport

Riding the bus to MBJ will take you to the coaches' parking near the Ground Transportation and Arrivals Hall. Once you alight the bus, use carts or ask a porter to help you manage your bags.

Municipal buses charge less than a dollar for the fare. More information about buses to and from Sangster International Airport.

Knutsford Express charges $12 to $14, depending on your origin station.

Mini-bus rates depend on the point of origin, however, since it services the whole island, it might be crowded and might have more stops than the other buses.

Always be alert when riding the bus with many bags.

Hotel Shuttle Services at Sangster International Airport

Jamaica is one of the sought-after tourist destinations in the world. As a result, hotels dot the island. Most of these hotels provide shuttle services for their guests.

If your hotel is taking you to MBJ via shuttle, they will drop you off at the coaches' parking slot near the Arrivals Hall.

Most hotel shuttles have a bellboy on board who can assist you in loading your baggage on a cart, which you can take to the Departures Area. Otherwise, you can seek the assistance of Red Cap porters. They charge $1 per bag.

Other Services at Sangster International Airport

Wi-Fi at Sangster International Airport

The free Wi-Fi network provider of MBJ is “Digicel.” You can connect your compatible devices to two enabled locations on the Mezzanine Floor.

The Wi-Fi signal may reach the Ground Floor, however, it is recommended to connect near the enabled locations for ease of connectivity.

ATMs at Sangster International Airport

Passengers in the Departure Area may use NCB or National Commercial Bank ATMs located at the Departure Area on the Ground Floor.

The other ATM is in the Arrivals Hall, near the Information Desk.

Currency Exchange at Sangster International Airport

Currency exchange is available in the Departures Area, near the Passport and Security Center. It is also available on the Mezzanine Floor, between two souvenir shops near Gates 8 and 9.

The exchange offices transact currencies, including Jamaican Dollars, United States Dollars, Canadian Dollars, British Pounds, Euros, Cayman Islands Dollars, Barbadian Dollars, Swiss Francs, Japanese Yen, Trinidad and Tobago Dollars, and East Caribbean Dollars.

Traveler’s cheques are also accepted by the exchange office in different currencies, including United States Dollars, Canadian dollars, British Pounds, Euros, Swiss Francs, and Japanese Yen.

Nursing Stations at Sangster International Airport

Mothers flying out via MBJ may access the Nursing Stations in the Departures Area on the Ground Floor and in the Ticketing Concourse on the Mezzanine Floor.

Please be reminded of TSA policies regarding breast milk and other liquids.

Restrooms at Sangster International Airport

Passengers in the Departures Area may use the Washrooms located on each end of the International Check-in Counters lane.

On the Mezzanine, Washrooms are located near Gates 1, 2, 6, 7, 8, 13, and 14.

There is also a Washroom in the Arrivals Hall.

Food and Beverages at Sangster International Airport

MBJ offers a wide selection of exciting dining and shopping options for passengers in the Departures Area and on the Mezzanine Floor.

Full Service and Quick Service dining options are available.

There is also a cocktail lounge near Gate 9, on the Mezzanine Floor. The other cocktail lounge is located in the Arrivals Hall.

Shopping at Sangster International Airport

All retail stalls accessible by outbound passengers are on the Mezzanine floor.

Duty-Free shops can be found near the elevators and Gates 12,13, and 14.

Designer and Specialty Retail can be found near Gate 5 to 16.

The Departures Shopping Concourse office can be contacted at +1 876-952-2712, extension 2833 for inquiries.

Smoking at Sangster International Airport

MBJ has one designated smoking lounge located near Gate 9 on the Mezzanine Floor. Passengers waiting for their scheduled flight who wish to smoke are welcome in the lounge.

Smoking is not allowed in any other area within the airport premises.

Lost and Found Section at Sangster International Airport

Any missing or found item should be reported to the Security Center or the nearest Information Desk. All passengers are advised to secure their valuables at all times.

The airport Security Center can be reached at +1 876-684-1739.

Ticketing at Sangster International Airport

You can find the Departure Ticketing Concourse located on the Mezzanine Floor. The office is open daily from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM. They do not accept cash and cheques.

For inquiries, please contact the Departure Ticketing Concourse by phone at +1 876-952-2712, extension 4200.

Information Desk at Sangster International Airport

Information Desks for passengers flying from MBJ are located in the Departures Area on the Ground Floor, and in the Departure Ticketing Concourse on the Mezzanine Floor.

The Departure Ticketing Concourse may be contacted at +1-876-952-2712, ext. 4200.

The main Information Desk is located in the Arrivals Hall.

Passengers flying out may contact the Arrivals Area Information Desk if needed by phone at +1 876-52-2712, extension 2829.

Pet Relief at Sangster International Airport

Pets are not allowed within MBJ. As a result, there are no pet relief areas within the airport premises.

Lounges at Sangster International Airport

Passengers waiting for their scheduled flights may stay in either of the two lounges available on the Mezzanine Floor, both near Gate 9, namely, the Smoking Lounge and the VIP lounge, Club Mobay.

Other lounges in MBJ are located in the Arrivals Hall on the Ground Floor.

Disabled Passengers at Sangster International Airport

The airport has several measures in place to promote and ensure the safety, comfort, and dignity of persons with special needs.

Washrooms in the airport are designed in compliance with accessibility laws, which include providing wheelchair-accessible stalls.

Each airline in MBJ has its own set of guidelines for assisting passengers with disabilities. Passengers can also request wheelchair assistance from their respective airline counters.

In case of a Medical Emergency, you may contact the Health Office in the Immigration Hall at +1 876-952-2013.

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